November 6, 2014

GigBridge ELA StudentsThe GigBridge project will finish with a presentation of each team’s app. The app presentation will be judged. The top scoring team will be given a prize and the opportunity to have their app published in the marketplace.

To prepare the students to give their presentations one of our GigBridge mentors gave a workshop on how to create a presentation. She covered the three main points the presentations should cover and demonstrated using slides to make the presentation visually appealing.

All through the GigBridge project the students have been using Google accounts to collaborate their plans with their team members. Working on their presentations using Google Slides lets them learn more about Google tools beyond gMail and Google Docs. Helping the students learn to utilize these tools helps them expand their wheel house of tech tools for the future.

We encouraged the students to explain the goal of their app and demonstrate, using screen shots, the ways the app met their goals. Teams with bilingual students planned their presentations in both English and Spanish.

It will be fun to see the students make their presentations to the judges on the 14th.


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